4 Smart Salon Strategies for COVID-19

If you noticed a drop in customers or an increase in appointment cancellations during the coronavirus outbreak, you are not alone. Salons depend on customers frequenting their brick-and-mortar businesses. Avoidance of public places and quarantine measures may continue impacting your business for weeks to come.

If we work together as a community, this hardship will pass. In this spirit, here are smart strategies the salon community may employ to navigate through the coronavirus outbreak.

Communicate with your customers about the coronavirus outbreak.

Let your customers know how your salon is working to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Whether it’s disinfecting protocols or sick employee policies, share how your business works to keep customers safe. Consider addressing this issue in terms of your longstanding daily protocols – demonstrating your past and present commitment to high hygiene standards – and the increased measures your business is taking as a result of the coronavirus.

Sharing information on your high hygiene standards may help reassure customers even after the outbreak declines as the coronavirus – and cleanliness standards – stays top-of-mind among consumers.

Offer creative online package deals or discounted gift certificates 

As a salon business, you are in a unique position of offering customers something relaxing or uplifting to look forward to amid a stressful time. Use your social media presence, email, or website to let your customers know that your business would like to offer de-stress opportunities following the end of government quarantine and social distancing measures.

Sensitive – but smart – strategies may encourage customers to buy future services and help you maintain sales despite potential declines.

Maintain an active social media presence

As authorities implement more quarantine measures and meeting-size restrictions, people will likely increase their social media presence. 

Consider offering tips on relaxation techniques, noting that decreasing anxiety is essential to maintaining health and wellbeing. Help spread positivity to your community with inspiring messages, examples of work and general feel good posts. Frequent and positive social media posting encourages others and helps establish your business as a thought leader in your community, nurturing trust for existing and potential customers.

Prepare for the future 

Your salon depends on suppliers and third-party partners. Your suppliers and partners rely on you. Make sure you have regular, open conversations with all your business’ interested parties. Discuss strategies for implementing safeguards and a plan for getting your business up and running as usual in the future.