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8 new workshops for our Cuccio Education Programme

We are excited to announce 8 new workshops for our education programme this spring. Following our extensive training with Marilyn Garcia, Head of Global Education last year I have continued to work closely with her and our Elite educators Nina Subasic, Naomi Mogg and Lisa Dunlop to perfect these workshops and they are a great addition to take our team and what we offer as a company to the next level. Our dedicated team have been working hard since their training with myself and Marilyn last year and are excited to start offering something new.

All the workshops are for existing technicians either looking to find out more about our extensive product range and application techniques or to take their skillset to the next level. The workshops have been devised using skills from our team around the world to best support our products, meet the demands of the ever-changing trends within our industry and give technicians not only the knowledge and skills of Cuccio products but how to be successful with their new skills in this competitive marketplace. We are very happy and confident with this next step we are taking with our programme.

All workshops are between 5-6 hours sessions and will be charged at £125 plus vat. Full training manual and certificates are included. Items will need to be purchased for the workshops dependent on what products and tools the technician already has but our kits have been put together to ensure they are as cost effective as possible.

The Courses

Cuccio Naturale Luxury Manicure & Pedicure including retail

This workshop includes everything you need to know about Cuccio Naturale and how our range of products and services will build client loyalty, increase business revenue and really set your business aside in this competitive marketplace. You will learn full product knowledge of our extensive range of products, how to use the Scentual experience guide to plan treatments, advise on homecare plans and ensure retail is part of every service and market your new products and services.

Cuccio Veneer & designs

This workshop includes everything you need to know about the chemistry of the product, basic application and removal skills and the versatility of Cuccio Veneer. Using standard Base Coat, Universal Base coat or Peel It you will know how to make the product work for every client including those who like more than just a colour application as you’ll learn how to create nail art with Cuccio 3D Design powder.

Cuccio Pro Acrylic or Hard Gel

This workshop (choice of system) includes everything you need to know about the chemistry of our products and the basic application and removal skills. You will be taught different on trend nail shapes and effects including ballerina, stiletto, extreme square and oval with nail mapping and filing techniques to ensure correct apex and c-curve for each shape. These shapes will be created in a variation of designs either over tips or sculpting forms to include perfect pink and white, extreme smile lines and nail bed extending, bespoke colour blending with our colour and cover powders or gels and 1 bead application for quick ‘Salon nails’.

Cuccio Pro Acrylic designs

Love acrylic, colour and designs? Then this is the workshop for you. You will learn how to create various effects including ombre, marbling, lace and fishnet, alternative smile lines and shaping of acrylic plus intricate 3D designs. These will be created over tips and sculpting forms and finished with both cover powders and colours including colour mixing for an endless palette.

Cuccio Pro Brush on Builder

This amazing new product launched in October last year and we needed a workshop to teach you all about it so here it is. You will learn the chemistry of the product and how it promotes healthy, stronger and longer natural nails, wears like a hard gel but quickly soaks off. You will create both short and longer length nails using both sculpting forms and tip application (you can even use the gel to adhere your tip) in just 30 minutes and how to repair nails including toenails. You’ll also see how versatile this product is with multi – use across our full product range.

Cuccio Pro Powder Polish

This workshop includes basic application and removal techniques and the chemistry of the products. You will learn how to use Powder Polish over tips including apex building, various design techniques including ombre, marbling and abstract nail art plus how to colour mix for an endless palette. Some of our colours can be used with monomer, this information and the application techniques will be included in this workshop.

Cuccio Pro Gel Designs 

This workshop will include the chemistry of the products and we’ll showcase how versatile they are as you’ll be using Cuccio Veneer, Powder Polish, Self-Levelling Gel and Controlled Levelling Gel in this workshop. You’ll be taught different techniques to create free hand painted flowers, geometric ombre, sugar effect, sweet bloom and 3D designs.

All our workshops include information on how to market your new skills, social media and business advice.

For more information contact Alix Wilsher Education Co-ordination Manager on 0115 697 9667 or visit

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