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Improvements to the core Cuccio Naturale range

Following a lot of work behind the scenes recently we are now pleased to announce some great improvements to the Cuccio Naturale brand to make this fabulous manicure/pedicure range more user friendly for you, the therapist/nail technician.


Firstly, we have discontinued a number of products in order to make the range more cohesive.  We felt that there was so many fragrances for you to choose from that it can be confusing for your customer, therefore all products from both the Papaya & Guava and Tuscan Citrus & Herb fragrances have been discontinued but we have expanded the service products for Vanilla Bean & Sugar and White Limetta & Aloe Vera to now include the below:


  • Cuticle Oils in both retail size 15 ml  and salon size 2,5oz

  • Skin Polishers 8oz,

  • Scentual 3 in 1 Cuticle Soaks 8oz,

  • Elixir Scentual Sprays 4oz

  • Baby Butter Towers 6 x 1.5oz Baby Butters


This leaves the 4 core fragrances in the main manicure and pedicure range below which are available in Spa Mists, Soaks, Exfoliaters, Body Butters, Lyte Butters and Cuticle Oils to start and finish your services with the same fragrance:


  • Milk & Honey- Soothing and Hydrating

  • Pomegranate & Fig – Anti-Ageing

  • Vanilla Bean & Sugar – Comforting & De-stressing

  • White Limetta & Aloe Vera  - Refreshing & Soothing (this fragrance has proved so popular as a fresh, clean scent ideal for both male and female clients)


With the new core fragrances, great products for retail and the service programmes the newly revamped Cuccio Naturale Range will again offer you and your clients a truly Scentual experience helping build client loyalty and increase your revenue.


We have also discontinued a number of other lines that we felt had duplicated uses to lines that already exist or are in fragrances that are ‘one off’ in their nature, such as Mango Hand Peel (that has no other service products to match this fragrance).


All in all, we now believe that we have been left with a clean, uncomplicated product range that will help you plan your services and product requirements much more easily in the future.  A full list of changes for the Cuccio Naturale Range is included below but if you do require any further information on this then please call Kelly on 01159 753656 option 1.