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Some fabulous front covers by Steven Rhys Wells

Cuccio's Steven Rhys Wells making the double cover edition of Scratch Magazine!!

Sophisticated styling meets supreme sculpting in Scratch's double cover edition, marking its 13th year of publication. Cuccio's creative director and visionary behind the photos, Steven Rhys Wells, reveals the concept and tales from the shoot...

Effortless elegance is captured in two stunning cover images, combining spectacular styling skills seen in all facets, from the fashion to the make-up, nails, hair and headpiece.

Showcasing his exceptional ability and creative prowess, Cuccio's Steven Rhys Wells built up the cover concept around the idea of a headpiece, which came to life over seven days using Cuccio Revolution Acrylic System. "I wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of Cuccio Revolution Products, I have sculpted flowers on nails a number of times but wanted to show what can be achieved with the system on a large scale , so focused my attention on sculpting bigger flowers with a realistic effect."

The cover shots featured two different nail styles; one extended using Cuccio's T3 LED/UV Gel in opaque Petal pink buffed to a high shine and the other - a more natural look; almond shaped nails extended using T3 LED Gel. "On the almond shaped nails, I sponged on a combination of Cuccio Veneer Nude- A -Tude and So So Sofia; two light, natural - looking shades. I then painted on a messy - style rose using Cuccio Veneer Argentinian Aubergine to give a vintage feel and repeated the design on the buffed, longer nails."


Photographer: Josh Auke Fashion Stylist: Liz Sargeant Hair & Makeup: Jacob James Hair & Makeup Model: Ema Korabska Fashion Assistant: Tanya Varma Photoshoot Director & Nail Stylist: Steven Rhys Wells, Creative Director at Cuccio