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#TechGuru: The Perfect Wedding Manicure.

Up first.... The perfect wedding manicure!


The perfect manicure is essential for any bride on the big day. With a huge focus on the new rings, it’s not only the bride that will be looking at her hands all day but all the guests too, not to mention the snaps taken by the photographer. The last thing you want is to unhappy with the pictures as your nails aren’t perfectly finished!

Here are my top tips to get that flawless finish:

Always advise your client to come for a trial before the wedding appointment. Or at the very least to send some clear pictures of their natural nails and an idea of the look they are going for. This gives you time to consider what is achievable, decide how much time you will need and which system you would suggest will suit them best.

The Apple cuticle softener makes so much difference compared to dry cuticle work or a quick push back. I would always use this to soften the cuticle tissue and perform perfect cuticle work. There’s nothing worse than beautiful nails surrounding by dry ragged skin!

Don’t just go for the obvious. When it comes to a French finish give your client a truly personalised service by going through all the pink and nude pink colour options. To perfectly match the natural nail beds you can also custom mix within each of our systems.

The perfect French finish comes from continuity from one nail to the next. Start with checking each nail matches in shape and length. To create the perfect smile line, mark up the corners and the centre point where it will dip the lowest, follow this guide to apply the white tip and then come back in with a clean brush and sweep it out from behind. Make sure you have the same smile line shape on each nail. The perfect pink to white ratio is no more than 1/3 white tip to 2/3 pink, make sure that ratio matches again, on each nail.

Your tools are your best friends, without the best quality tools you’ll never get the best finish. Cuticle tools such as your Metal Cuticle Nipper and Dual-Ended Cuticle Pusher need to be sharp and well looked after, I would recommend replacing them every 6-12mths for a busy nail tech.

My Top Items for The White Tip:

My Top Items for The Pink:

Why not try something different? Strawberry Colada in Veneer or Lacquer for a subtle sparkly pink with your French.

I LOVE powder polish for wedding nails as it’s strong and long-lasting even on weak nails, no risking chips on the big day. You can create a quick easy French with the dipping tray and a perfect babyboomer style. No lamps to carry around if your mobile. You can add tips to extend the full set or just the odd broken nail to match. Much quicker than a full set of traditional acrylic enhancements and no smell... I really am a big fan!

I hope this little guide helped with creating those perfect wedding manicures.

Don’t forget you if you need any advice or technical assistance please email or call 0115 697 9671 and I’ll be more than happy to help with any queries you may have.

Until next time Nail techs...