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Cuccio Pronto Product Guide

About Cuccio Pronto – ‘Soft’ Soak off UV Gel

There is a lot of speculation and confusion as to why some companies put them soak off gels in pots and why some favour bottles. UV Gel polish in a bottle separates as it contains solvents that will naturally start to evaporate and break down. This will lead to inconsistency in the Gel formulation and would lead to extended cure time. Our Cuccio Veneer product is an exception to this as it does not contain solvents.

Because Pronto is in a pot it is easy to confuse it with a ‘hard gel’. The reason that we put it in a pot is because gel properties will separate and the heavier pigments will settle and so they must be mixed thoroughly prior to every use to ensure the product has an even consistency. The other reason is to maximise profit, with it being in a pot means that you can use every last drop.

Pots make mixing colours easier - you can take a little from each colour and mix them to make a whole array of new colours, perfect for custom blending on those special occasions. This gives your business the unique edge . This is not possible with a hybrid in a bottle due to the nitrocellulose, butyl acetate and ethyl acetate, as you leave it in oxygen it would start to evaporate and cure.

Don’t forget the exciting opportunity to still do all of your favourite nail art designs with the Gel and incorporating our exciting new Hollywood glitz range!

Also the fact that you use a gel brush means that you get better application and control and it really does soak off in 5-7 minutes with varnish bottles/hybrids it can take up to 15 minutes.

It is possible to get up to 20 sets from one of the 1/4oz pots and with salons charging from £15- £20 for the fingers and £20-£25 for the toes, means that one pot could earn you up to £500.

Frequently asked questions

The Gel is lifting:

  • Product is touching the soft tissue
  • You have applied it to thickly
  • Your preparation was insufficient

The colours are not what I expected:

  • You must use the Mix-stir mixing tool to thoroughly stir the colours

There is pigment on the wipe when I remove the induction layer:

  • As the Gel is pigmented you will naturally see some colour, as the induction layer is uncured Gel
  • The nails look streaky once finished
  • You have not stirred the Gel enough
  • You need to replace your brushes

The nails look like orange peel once finished:

  • The Gel is contaminated

The nails are sticky once finished

  • Gel will not cure 100% due to oxygen, remove the induction layer with ‘Pronto finishing wipe’

The nails are dull in appearance:

  • You have undercured the Gel
  • Your bulbs need replacing
  • You are using finishing wipe other than Pronto

Application for Pronto


It is important to understand that correct preparation will determine how well the product lasts. This gel can stay on the nails for anything from 10 days to 4 weeks, even longer on the toes. You can offer it as an-add on service for manicure and pedicure treatments, or just as a semi -permanent nail varnish. Our goal is to beat the wear time of polish!

Before application it is important that you stir the soak off Gel colour that your client chooses by using a Mix-stir mixing tool. This is essential!

Prepare all of the nails by pushing back the ‘eponychium’ and removing the ‘cuticle’. This step is very important. The most common cause of lifting is cuticle on the nail.

Using a 240 grit file or white block, gently remove the surface shine from all of the nails. This removes surface oils and contaminants on the nail plate.

Clean the nails and remove the dust using sanitiser on a lint free wipe. Do not spray directly onto the nail, this will lead to overexposure

If you are adding length, apply tips now. Because this is a Soft Gel it is important that you do not leave the tips too long. (Remember that tips add length not strength). The correct balance is 2/3 nail plate to 1/3 free edge.

Clean the nails using sanitiser on a nail wipe.

Apply a small amount of acid-less primer.

Apply a thin coat of Base coat Gel, this coat must be so thin that you can still see the texture from the natural nail and cure for 30 seconds.

Apply a thin coat of colour to the 5 nails. Before they go under the lamp go back to the first nail and brush over again, this will correct any of your shrinkage problems. Gel naturally shrinks by between 13 and 18%. Cure for 2 minutes

Apply a second coat of colour and cure for 2 minutes.
You now have a couple options. You can either remove the induction layer and apply the Hollywood Glitz top coat or you can apply the ‘universal soak off gel’ top coat, cure for 2 minutes and remove the induction layer. Apply cuticle oil to finish.

Products you may want to consider?

I would advise that you carry all 50 colours, but remember from there you can create any colour under the rainbow!

  • Pronto finishing wipe
  • Pronto soak off solution
  • Mix-stir mixing tool
  • Master Gel tool set
  • Cuccio Naturale Wheatgerm oil
  • Cuccio Naturale butter
  • Cuccio Naturale lyte
  • Cuccio Soak off Foil Wraps

Add on’s for nail art conscience tech’s

  • A good selection of Hollywood Glitz

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