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Cuccio Veneer Peel It

Cuccio Veneer Peel It 

 What is Cuccio Veneer Peel-it!

This amazing new product, a real game changer is a pre-base which will transform your Cuccio Veneer into a peel-able Gel Polish.

For years soak off gel lovers have complained about gel removal, the filing, the soaking, the time spent in the removal and dehydration and damage to the natural when being overexposed to solutions or incorrect soak off procedures. Cuccio Veneer Peel-it! Pre-Base is here to solve all of these concerns.

Chemistry of the products

Cuccio Veneer Peel It is a specialty synthesized polymer base, with an elastic texture. It is not a water based product and does not contain Xylene, parabens, camphor, Dibutyl phthalate, toluene or formaldehyde.


  • Push back Proximal Nail Fold and remove any excess Cuticle
  • File and shape the Free Edge using a 240 grit file
  • Use a 180 grit block to remove the surface shine (this needs to be abrasive, not a block that has been in use for a few weeks)
  • Remove the dust, leaving any debris on the nails can cause lifting
  • Use Cuccio Anti-bacterial spray on a lint wipe to clean the nail plate and wipe UNDER THE FREE EDGE
  • Apply Cuccio Veneer Prep to all 5 nails
  • Apply Cuccio Veneer Fuse to all 5 nails – cap the free edge
  • Apply Cuccio Veneer Peel It – this needs to be applied carefully using the 3 stroke rule been careful to not overlap and drag the product. Apply a generous layer but not enough that it touches the cuticle or side wall. Always cap the free edge. Apply to all 5 nails (this will air dry DO NOT CURE)
  • Apply a VERY THIN layer of Cuccio Veneer Base Coat to all 5 nails – cap the free edge
  • Cure for 30 seconds LED or 2 minutes UV
  • Stir your chosen Colour of Veneer
  • Apply your first coat of Cuccio Veneer colour to all 5 nails – cap the free edge
  • Cure for 30 seconds LED or 2 minutes UV
  • Apply your second coat of Cuccio Veneer colour to all 5 nails – cap the free edge
  • Cure for 30 seconds LED or 2 minutes UV
  • Repeat another coat of colour if necessary
  • Apply Cuccio Veneer Top Coat to all 5 nails – cap the free edge
  • Cure for 30 seconds LED or 2 minutes UV
  • Remove induction layer using Cuccio Veneer Conditioning Cleanser
  • Take a clean nail wipe and remove excess oil and shine the nail to finish

After Care Advice

  • Do not pick or peel at the nails unless you want to remove the colour
  • Do not file the nails after application
  • Do not bite or chew the nails
  • Do not spend excessive amounts of time in swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, bath tubs, showers- longer than 30 minutes at a time.
  • Wear gloves when washing up, doing housework or gardening.
  • If any area of lifting is noticed before the 13-16 days or you have broken a nail return for repair or removal. If you peel the product off the nail colour will be removed.
  • If any other changes are noticed, such as discoloration, redness, or a rash on the skin, return immediately.
  • Apply cuticle oil every day.


  • Sanitise yours and your clients hands
  • Take a Cuticle Tool or the Soak off Removal Tool and gently agitate the product down the left or right hand side of the nail- ensure a tiny edge has been lifted from free edge to cuticle so that you can almost fold back this side and pull across in one swift move to ‘peel it’ off
  • Wipe over the nail with Anti-bacterial spray on a lint wipe to remove the gummy residue
  • Let your client admire her clean healthy nails
  • Either re-apply Cuccio Veneer or manicure the nails

How to market Peel It within your business

Cuccio Veneer Peel It really is a ‘game changer’ for your gel polish business. The key to its success for your clients and your business is education. It’s really important for you to understand the product and which clients this will work for and which it won’t, but also for you to educate your clients in the benefits they will see with this product (especially those naughty pickers). As with any nail system this pre base won’t suit all clients especially those who are frequent pickers and those clients who struggle to keep product on their nails.

So what should you do before launching this service? Our advice would be to start with a small group of trusted clients to trial Peel It! but don’t tell them too much about the product on first application. You could tell them the primer has been repackaged or that it’s a new treatment for their natural nails, allow them to wear the product as normal and then when they return for removal the secret is revealed, instead of sitting through tedious filing and soaking in solvents you just peel off their colour in seconds. At this point you can educate them on the benefits they will see


  • No more filing or soaking in solvents which can dehydrate and damage their nails
  • Quick removal time – less time in the salon
  • Still same long lasting colour, high shine and durability
  • No compromise to wear time of product just quick and safer removal
  • Promotes healthy natural nails so clients can wear Veneer for longer without worrying about the condition of their natural nails, cuticles and skin.
  • Great for those who want colour on their nails for a special occasion or holiday but need quick removal before going back to work in an environment where they can’t wear product on their nails.
  • Great for clients how want to remove their own nails – although we don’t recommend this we know some salons/ clients do.

Building a small portfolio of before, during and after photos, videos of the application and removal and customer reviews before launching to all clients will help you to educate them about the benefits of Peel It! They need to understand why they should try the product and why they shouldn’t peel it off before the wear time is up. Once you have this portfolio to promote the product it will sell itself even to those naughty pickers.

 A good strapline for advertising it is:

The secret to healthier natural nails whilst still enjoying your favourite gel colour? Cuccio Veneer Peel It! the next generation in gel removal offers the same long lasting colour, high shine and durability but a quicker and safer removal process.


Can this product be used with any gel polish?

No - Cuccio Veneer Peel It is only to be used with a true gel product like Cuccio Veneer, it will not work with hybrids or products that have nail lacquer content.

Can it be used with polish?

NO, Cuccio Veneer Peel It will break down the polish

Can it be applied to toe nails?

Yes – this is a great product for toes.

Does the product need to be cured in LED/UV?

No this is an air dry product, when applying to all 5 nails the product will have dried when returning to the first nail with Base Coat

If the product becomes really thick/gummy can it be mixed with thinner or acetone to dilute?

No do not dilute the product with anything this will compromise the workability, always make sure you keep the bottle lid on tight and store the product upright.

Is the product considered vegan friendly ?  

The product is not formulated with any ingredients derived from animals

Is it tested on animals?


Can Peel It be used on every client?

 Like all nail systems Peel It won’t suit all clients but through educating clients in the benefits of Peel It then you will use it successfully with most clients. The clients who it won’t suit are:

  • Pickers who even after educating them on the benefits of Peel It still remove the product within days of application.
  • Clients who can’t keep products on their natural nails.
  • Clients who expect longer than 16 days wear time from Veneer – however again through education you could encourage these customers to return more frequently which will increase your revenue. Maybe they don’t return as frequently because they find the removal process tedious?
  • Clients who are regular swimmers or regularly use hot showers/baths/sauna’s/steam rooms for longer than 30 minutes.
  • Clients who come into contact with solvents/chemicals without wearing gloves.
  • Occasionally clients with very dehydrated nails or who are taking medication that can cause brittle/dehydrated nails have had difficulties removing the product so you could trial Peel It on a couple of nails with these customers first. These are generally the customers whose soak off process was always the longest as the product really adheres to their nails. Using Peel It will however improve the condition of the natural nail so in time they will be less dehydrated.

 My client’s nails are lifting/chipping/peeling off within a couple of days

  • You didn’t prepare the nails sufficiently.
  • Always remove excess cuticle.
  • Always use a 180 grit block to remove the surface shine.
  • Always wipe over the nails and under the free edge with Anti-bacterial cleanser on a lint wipe.
  • Always cap the free edge with Peel It, Colour and Top Coat – but be careful not to create a visible lip at the end as this will chip.
  • Never file the free edge after application as this will cause lifting.
  • You touched the side walls or cuticle with Peel It!
  • Do not apply the product to clients who are ‘pickers’ unless you have educated them of the benefits and they know that picking this product will result in the colour coming away.
  • Don’t apply this to clients who are regular swimmers the chlorine will cause lifting.
  • Has your client exceeded time within pool, sauna, and steam rooms, hot tub ect. We have found in cases were clients were over exposed to heat/water for longer than 30 minutes this could cause lifting.

I can’t remove the product/the product is causing damage to the surface of the natural nail.

  • You didn’t apply a thick enough layer of Peel It!
  • You have cured Peel It!
  • You didn’t apply Peel It close enough to the cuticle and side wall and your application of Veneer has overlapped this so you are trying to lift the gel from the nails.
  • You are trying to Peel It before the wear time is up – it takes 48 hours to become pliable and continues to do so during wear time, sometimes if the product is peeled before 7 days it may damage the nail. Either leave the product until the 2 weeks is up or soak off.
  • Gently lift up one full side from the cuticle to the free edge so you have a lip to peel across the nail.
  • You have overlapped your application/applied more than one layer of Peel It which has disrupted the product and how it should sit on the nail.

 The product has gone gummy/sticky

  • The product will feel slightly gummy/sticky throughout use- this is normal however if the product is very thick and won’t paint onto the nail then the it needs to be discarded
  • Don’t expose the product to air for too long
  • Always secure the lid and store up right
  • Don’t dilute the product with anything

The Gel Polish I used didn’t last

  • This product is designed to work with true gel products only so not hybrid products that contain nail lacquer as the solvent will breakdown.

If you require any further technical assistance with Cuccio Veneer Peel It please call 01159 753656 option 1