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Cuccio T3 UV Gel Product Guide

About T3 U.V Gel

Cuccio T3 U.V Gel is considered to be one of the best Gel’s globally, especially across Europe where Gel enhancements are the number one favourite for salon owners.

T3 Gel consists of tiny microscopic fibres that give this Gel a unique strength that its competitors do not possess. It is formulated to give a crystal clear finish to the nail making them all the more natural for your clients.

T3 Gel gives you a perfect balance of strength and flexibility.

T3 are not the only Gels in our ‘Hard Gel’ range. There are a selection of Gels available, such as:

  • Sculpting gel for those techs who love to sculpt. The viscosity is medium-thick allowing you to place the product and know that it will not move, essential for sculpting.
  • Kapping Gel, a calcium fortified Gel designed with the natural nail in mind
  • U.V clear Gel, a great all round Gel for any nail bed and any occasion.

The viscosity of this Gel has been formulated to give technicians the best workability, thus meaning that when you apply your pink, white or colours, that the Gel will stay where you have placed it and not run into the side walls. Once placed the Gel will not run, instead it will hold its shape. This means you can work across the nails and feel confident that the Gel will remain to look perfect!

We have no pink builder Gels in the range because it would be impossible to have enough colours to keep every technician happy but we do have a selection of pinks that can be blended together so that you will be able to offer your clients tailor made colours for their nail plates. Thus keeping the cost down for you and an increased profit margin! There are now also a great range of French Manicure shades in the T3 range that include opaque shades which are great for hiding imperfections on the nail and also for short nail beds to create long, slender French nails.
There is also a great selection of glitter, coloured and pastel gels in the range – great for permanent colour and also for nail art opportunities.

Cuccio Pro is a leader in the industry with 30 years experience. We strive to bring you the best products that we can and are forever researching and developing within the industry.
If you are experiencing problems then please do call our team on the technical helpline who will be only too happy to help.


I’m not sure how long to cure the Gel for:
Each application of Gel needs a 3 minute cure. Do not be tempted to take the nails out and see that the top layer is hard and so it must be enough?! You will not be able to tell if the underneath layers are cured. Always allow 3 minutes.

The Gel is still sticky when I take it out of the lamp:
Gel will never fully cure due to oxygen inhibiting the curing process and so you will be left with an induction layer. This can be safely removed with Finishing Wipe.

The lamp is giving my client sharp pains:
Sometimes a heat reaction can be felt when curing under the lamp. This can happen if the nail plate has been thinned too much?
Or you have applied the Gel too thick?
You are not using the lamp that was designed to go with the product that you are using?

When I wipe off the sticky layer the Gel is dull:
Your bulbs have lost their strength. You must replace bulbs every 4-6 months in a busy salon environment.

After a couple of days there are signs of lifting:
Ensure that when you apply the Gel it is not touching any soft tissue.
Preparation was insufficient
You did not apply primer.

The Gel has gone hard in the pot:
Always ensure that you leave the lids on when you are working with Gel
You are sat to closely to a window with no protection and the UV from the sun has cured the product.

My Gel is full of tiny lumps:
Make sure you work in a dust free environment and keep lids on while you are working

Will the UV lamp give my client cancer?
UV lamps used in the nail industry are designed to be safe. The lamps use mainly UVA but do contain a little UVB. This is not a problem though as special filters are fitted to protect from the UVB.

My client’s nails are discolouring:
Your products have become contaminated
You did not allow the primer to dry

The Gel looks like orange peel once the induction layer is removed:
The products have become contaminated.


Preparation is always the key factor when applying any system to the natural nail. Without careful attention this can cause many problems to the enhancement. We are now going to take you through a step by step guide to ensure you every success with our product.


  • Assess the natural nails to ensure that the treatment can go ahead
  • Use the rounded end of the dual tool and gently push back the eponychium
  • Turn the tool over and remove the cuticle (products will not stick to skin, if left this will cause lifting)
  • Use a 240g file or a white block and gently remove the surface shine from the natural nail
  • If tips are required then go through this process next
  • Remove the dust using some sanitiser on a nail wipe, do not spray directly onto the nail as this could overexpose and again cause lifting.
  • Apply a small amount of primer to the nail, be careful not to use too much as this product can damage the natural nail. (One dip from the bottle is enough to do 5 nails.)

Due to the sticky nature of the Gel it is strongly recommended that you keep the lids on the pots while you are working. Keep your work station immaculately clean and dust free at all times.

Make sure that you do not work in a window where the U.V from the sun may be able to cure the product and keep the pots away from the ‘glow’ of the lamp.

It is also strongly recommended that you only ever use the lamp that was designed to go with the product. Many factors are taken into consideration when developing the lamps, such as distance from of the nail to the bulb and the U.V output. Wattage is to do with the amount of electric consumed not the strength of the bulbs. You must also remember to change your bulbs every 4-6 months in a busy salon environment.

  • Apply a thin coat of clear T3 Gel to the 5 nails and cure for 3 minutes
  • Repeat on the other hand
  • Pick up a medium size bead and apply on your first nail. Roll the bead off the brush, work the Gel up to ‘eponychium’, across to the lateral nail folds and down and over the free edge. This Gel is a medium viscosity and very good at self levelling, you may find that little work now needs doing to correct the shape. If it does then just very gently ‘tickle’ the product. If you press too hard, you are at risk of putting holes in the Gel and pressing it into the side walls.
  • If you do get Gel on the soft tissue be sure to remove it before they go under the lamp
  • Repeat this process on the other nails and cure for 3 minutes
  • It is ok to apply a couple of nails and then cure if you are worried about the Gel moving before you have finished
  • Repeat on the other hand
  • We now need to remove the induction layer (sticky residue). It is advised to use one wipe per nail otherwise you are at risk of putting uncured Gel on the soft tissue on the other fingers. This will lead to overexposure
  • Apply a small amount of Finishing Wipe to a nail wipe and firmly wipe across the nail to remove the induction layer. Now fold the wipe in half and ‘scrub’ the nail to be sure it is all gone. Sticky residue left could lead to over exposure.
  • At this point use a 240 grit file and file the nail into shape
  • Remove all of the dust from the nail using some sanitiser on a nail wipe
  • Apply a coat of ‘UV Gel Seal Top Coat’ and cure for 3 minutes
  • This product will have no induction layer
  • Apply cuticle oil to finish

You now have a beautiful set of nails, please advice your client of the relevant aftercare.

For white tip application:

Prepare as above up to the first layer of clear Gel.

  • Pick up a medium size pink bead and roll the bead of the brush and work up to the ‘eponychium’, across to the ‘lateral nail folds’ and down to the smile line. Clean your brush and ‘sweep’ the smile line to create a crisp line
  • Repeat on the other nails
  • Flash cure
  • Pick up a bead of white and roll onto the free edge. Gently push up to the pink line that you have just created and work over the free edge. Don’t forget to cap the free edge. Clean your brush and sweep the smile line to make it perfect
  • Repeat on the other nails
  • Cure for 3 minutes
  • Remove the induction layer as above
  • Buff as above where necessary and remove all dust
  • Apply ‘UV Gel Seal Top Coat’ and cure for 3 minutes to finish
  • Apply cuticle oil to finish


  • 36 WATT LAMP
  • T3 Clear Gel
  • T3 Pink Gel
  • T3 White Gel
  • Acid free primer
  • Gel Master tech tool set
  • Cuccio U.V Gel Seal
  • Sculpting Gel
  • Cuccio Naturale Wheatgerm oil
  • A Cuccio Naturale Butter
  • A Cuccio Naturale Lyte

Add on’s for nail art conscious tech’s

  • T3 classic French collection, Glitter Gel, Pastel Gel kits
  • Mix-stir mixing tool
  • A good selection of Hollywood glitz for encapsulation
  • Sculpting forms