Cuccio would like to try to help support you through these very difficult times.

We have put together a programme under our ‘Cuccio Earn From Home’ retail platform that consists of a number of kits for you to offer to your customers to help them maintain their hands, feet, nails and wellbeing throughout the coming weeks and to enable you to continue to receive revenue from your business.

We are offering you a massive 40% discount off these kits to allow you to sell to your customers at the lowest possible RRP to give you the best chance of success.

Read more about how you could use these kits to create a revenue stream for your salon from home here

Due to the high demand for these kits in some cases we may need to substitute items with like for like or higher value items. Some colours may also be subject to change.

Cuccio Earn From Home

Cuccio Milk & Hand Hygiene Kit