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2 Day Conversion - Hard Gels

2 Day Conversion - Hard Gels

LED/UV Hard Gel conversion course

Course Overview:

This 2-day conversion course is perfect for technicians that are looking to expand on their treatment services and offerings. Hard Gel is the ideal product for clients that require extra strength and length to their nails. Cuccio Hard Gels incorporate the very latest in product design and innovation utilising LED technology to its optimum deliverance. Hard Gel products are renowned for their non-lifting qualities.

The course is spread over a two-week period to allow you to have time to practise the new skill before you go back to your educator, meaning that any problems you may have over a period of your first few sets can be clearly identified and sorted with full troubleshooting support given at the beginning of your second day.

Who is the course suitable for?

Suitable for nail technicians that already hold an enhancement qualification in the industry and are looking to expand their treatment services. Also, great for technicians that are looking to return to the industry and require confidence and support building.

Pre-requisite- A certificate in either Hard Gels or Acrylic, certificate must be shonw on day 1 of the course 

What will you learn:

Itinerary Day 1:

  • Complete overview of In Control – Hard Gel as a system
  • Features and benefits of Hard Gel as a system
  • Science behind the system
  • Full practical demonstrations, working through how to work the best apex into the nail
  • Full practical time allowed to master the new skill
  • Filing and shaping the nails
  • White tip application

** Essential two week practise break **

Itinerary Day 2:

  • Full troubleshooting session
  • Infill and maintenance procedures
  • Sculpting demonstrations
  • Safe removal
  • Aftercare
  • Written and practical test
  • Marketing and business advice

Training Fee - £200 plus vat

Kit cost from: £213.83 plus vat

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