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Cuccio Veneer and 3D design workshop - COMING MARCH 2020

Cuccio Veneer and 3D design workshop - COMING MARCH 2020

Cuccio Veneer and designs workshop

This workshop includes everything you need to know about the chemistry of the product, basic application and removal skills and the versatility of Cuccio Veneer. Using standard Base Coat, Universal Base coat or Peel It you will know how to make the product work for every client including those who like more than just a colour application as you’ll learn how to create nail art with Cuccio 3D Design powder.

Cuccio Veneer Universal Base Coat is like a veil that is applied between the natural nail and colour. The rubber like texture adds extra strength and fills in any imperfections. Perfect for clients with weaker nails, ridged nails and those who have removed enhancements and need extra strength from a gel polish. Its also great to wear with just top coat for added preotection on clients who can't wear colour.

Cuccio Veneer Peel It - a peelable pre base coat that turns our soak off gel polish into a 'peel off' gel polish. This still offers clients between 12-14 days weartime but is great for those who don't want to have to soak off their nails, have become over exposed to soak off solutions and acetones, like to change colour more regularly, can;t wear colour on their nails for work but have a special ocassion and need speedy removal and toe nails.

Who is the course suitable for?

Those with a previous qualification in gel polish looking to find out more about Cuccio Veneer and how to use it for every client and nail type including the use of 3D design powder 

What will you learn?

  • Chemistry of the product
  • How to create basic colour application 
  • How to use Universal Base Coat 
  • How to use Peel It 
  • How to mix colours to create an endless palette
  • How to mix with 3D Design powder for nail art work.

Fee £125 plus vat for 6 hour session 

Kit from £66.39 plus vat  (this will be less if you already have Cuccio products, your educator will discuss this with you)

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