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Cuccio Detox

Cuccio Detox

Increase your income with DetoXsoak, a unique foot care service clients will ask for by name! Helps to detox & de-stress in one unique foot care treatment. Suggested service cost £30 for a 30 minute treatment.

A blend of Herbal Extracts & Purifying Magnesium Sulfate Crystals, a 30 minute DetoXsoak service will help to:

  • Sooth & Refresh
  • Soften & Hydrate Dry Calluses
  • Relax & Soothe Muscles
  • Relieve Stress & Elevate Moods
  • Flush toxins
  • Increase circulation
  • Reduce inflammation

A wonderful DetoXsoak in water for 15 minutes and a 15 minute DetoXsoak Somatology Massage with our Serum finishes the total rejuvenating service helping to de-stress, relax and refresh.