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This section showcases all of our new items so that you can locate them easily on the site.

  • Specially featured are our brand new Sparkle Gels - our fantastic new Self Levelling viscosity T3 LED/UV hard gels with added glitter dust.
    • Available in 18 wonderful shades, these gels are ideal for sculpting or overlays and require no mixing prior to use.
    • Cure for 60 seconds using our Max Pro 2 or Max Pro 5 lamps, 2 minutes under our 36 watt UV lamp
    • Takes your LED/UV Gel services from SUBTLE to SASSY in 60 seconds!


We are also excited to launch our new Cuccio Powder Polish Nail Colour Dip System which utilises new technology to produce a fantastic way of applying permanent colour to the nail and offers a great alternative to gel polish.

The application utilises specially formulated, medical grade adhesive gel with state of the art brush on activator and very finely milled acrylic powders to create beautiful nails that last a minimum of 14 days.